3 Reasons Why Restaurants Should Go ALL-IN for Online Carry Out

Stefan Sanderson

Let’s face it. With each passing day, the world around us becomes more and more digitized as businesses move their business online and CEOs rake in the profits. While I’m not exactly promising to make you the next Mark Zuckerberg or Jeff Bezos, who by the way is worth 124.3 $Billion dollars as I write this article, I do believe there are very profitable reasons to vamp up your online efforts in order to expand your business and cash in on the digital age. Here are 3 reasons why restaurant owners should go ALL-IN for Carry Out orders.

  1. Carry Out Business is BOOMING

Last year, Carry Outs outperformed dine-in sales. Yes, that’s right. Carry Outs accounted for a whopping $311 Billion in business (Gotcha beat Jeff Bezos).  The time to cash in is NOW, while the industry is exploding. Are you surprised to know that BistroUX charges only 50 cents per order, no matter the size of your Carry Out?  Yes, that is correct.  Only 50 cents!  Delivery services like UberEats and Amazon charge up to 30% per order. BistroUX puts more cash back into your wallet, while providing the service your customers would come back to you again and again for.

  1. Carry Out is Cheaper for your Restaurant

Carry Outs costs less to process, which means more profits for you. It reduces phone calls, does not tie up your staff on the phone, eliminates order errors, less cleaning, less staff to manage – the list goes on. I am sure your customers enjoy coming to your restaurant to dine-in, but the more Carry Out orders you have, the more profitable you’ll be.

  1. It’s All About the User Experience

These days, it’s all about the user experience. The quality of customer experience is what will make your customers keep coming back to you. If you can serve your customers quickly with the awesome food that you prepare, at the same time make it smooth and seamless, that is all they want. Whether you are serving millennials or older customers, everybody loves technology. If your customers see you using technology to make things easier, better and less painful for them, they are not going to go anywhere else.