Electronic Gift Card is the Future

Maxwell Miller

Technology is the most important asset to any industry, especially restaurants.

Whether orders come in via phone, tablet, laptop or social media, technology is everywhere. Printed Ads have given way to digital media. The traditional plastic gift card is also suffering from the same threat from its digital counterpart.


Cell Phones
You are more likely to leave your plastic gift card at home than your phone, right? Unless you have secured your plastic gift card in your wallet or purse, chances are, once you get to a restaurant, you will realize that you forgot the gift card at home. Electronic gift cards, available via mobile phone, eliminate that trip back home. Restaurants across the world are using technology to make things easier for the customer, and cell phones are one of the key ingredients of the digital transformation.

Plastic Cards are hard to keep track of.
For consumers who stuff their wallets or purses with AAA cards, IDs, insurance cards, rewards cards, etc,, the last thing they need is another gift card. Realistically, a gift card is a tiny piece of plastic that can often be forgotten or even lost among the clutter. Consumers absolutely love anything that can be done through their phones. So, they are more likely to buy electronic gift cards than plastic, for the simple reason that they don’t want to carry another plastic card.

The BistroUX Approach
At BistroUX, we offer both plastic as well as electronic gift cards. We give our clients the freedom to choose whichever type they are more comfortable with. With our advanced technology, consumers are able to order online as well as check their gift card balance and transaction history online.

We are really bringing BIG technology that only large nationwide chains can afford, to small and medium sized restaurants.

That is the BistroUX difference.