STOP the Wait!

Stefan Sanderson

Making money and adding value to your customers is what restaurant owners and managers work so hard for, every single day.  Yet, most restaurants fail to fully optimize their profits and retain their customers. A recent survey of 9,000 people revealed that 60 percent put reputation for quality and high customer service standards as the two biggest factors for choosing a restaurant.  In an additional survey of 4,000 dinners, 74 percent said that customer service was the most important factor.  Worse yet, 90 percent of participants in a study conducted by the US Chamber of Commerce said they left a company for a competitor following a bad customer service experience.

Let’s face it! In today’s competitive restaurant industry, quality customer service may be what makes or breaks your business.  Restaurants cannot afford to compromise on service quality if they want to keep profits high and retain a satisfied customer base, while at the same time acquire new customers.

Ed Lawrence writes that one of the main reasons people leave companies is a long wait to have their issues addressed.  “Any time you wait a really, really long time it’s a bad sign. It usually means the company is very busy or understaffed. Whether you are standing in line or waiting on hold, odds are that at best they will apologize for keeping you waiting, then tell you they can’t help you. Naturally, when most of us endure a long wait, we grow impatient. We don’t want to hear excuses. We want satisfaction and we want it now. And when we want something now and don’t get it, once again we’re going to have a bad experience.”

Do you know of any customer who wants to wait 30-45 minutes for their food to be prepared? I don’t!

Customers want their Food Fast and Done Right!!
Wouldn’t it be nice if they could order online on their phone and just pick it up?

BistroUX offers just that! The convenience of online Carry Out ordering – quick and easy, without breaking your bank.

Increases Speed and Quality of Customer Service
No more holding up your phone lines or your staff for taking Carry Out orders during busy breakfast, lunch and dinner rush times. Your staff is busy trying to seat guests, serve them and cash them out. Why would you want them on the phone taking Carry Out orders, something that can be offered online?

Reduces your Staff Overhead
Why waste your staff’s time answering phone calls? Companies in all industries are becoming more automated in their customer service by reducing number of incoming phone calls through more online services, shouldn’t you too?

BistroUX eliminates the need for:

  • Answering phones by your staff
  • Explaining your menu to customers
  • Putting customers on hold
  • Clarifying orders
  • Asking managers questions about orders

etc. etc.

BistroUX enables online ordering from any mobile phone or computer, all for easy transaction fees of $0.50-$0.99 per order, no matter the order size. It offers a convenient and smooth transaction experience, both for you and your customers.

At the end of the day, BistroUX really saves your business both time and money, in addition to providing awesome service to your customers.  That too, by using cool technology that your customers would absolutely love!

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Why Online Carry Out instead of Delivery?

Stefan Sanderson

The restaurant Carry Out business is bigger and better than it ever was.  Last year, 39 percent of all restaurant transactions were Carry Out.  Delivery made up just 3 percent, 21 percent were categorized as drive-thru, while 37 percent of revenue was generated from dine in guests.  With $799 Billion in sales last year, Carry Out made up $311 billion dollars of business in the restaurant industry.

Business truly is booming and with so much money pouring out of consumers’ pockets into the registers of restaurant owners, it’s not a surprise we have seen a rise in innovation from the likes of UberEats, GrubHub, and Doordash, all trying to grab a slice of the pie while its hot.  While these companies have been successful, the question I keep hearing is “Is this sustainable?”

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