Effective Gift Card Marketing Strategies


If your restaurant doesn’t already have gift cards in its arsenal, it’s time to get on that. Once you have your gift cards, you need to go full throttle on marketing them. Here are some effective ways to promote your gift cards this season:

Put them everywhere.
We mean everywhere – the register, hostess stands and any window displays. You could even include a callout to your gift cards on your receipts.

Leverage them for brand awareness.
Take advantage of your local community events by offering up your gift cards as a raffle prize. This helps raise awareness for your business – and also makes the winners new customers.

Make them eye-catching.
Custom gift cards with clever copy are a way more fun and memorable gift than something generic.

Leverage social media.
Posts about your gift cards should be all over your social media channels.

People are hungry for gift cards – so all you need to do is market them. Get started with the BistroUX Gift Card Page and services!