How companies are missing out by not having Rewards Programs

Maxwell Miller

Rewards programs can be the untapped success factor for restaurants.
74% of U.S. consumers choose a store based on a strong loyalty program (, making a rewards program a very important asset to the restaurant owner. Customers like to be rewarded, in some shape or form. If they are loyal to a restaurant or store and keep going back, they also expect to be rewarded through offers, discounts or service that shows how special they are.

Rewards programs will bring new customers. That has been statistically proven. When people get free meals or desserts, they spread the word. From a restaurant’s perspective, that is much better than spending money on expensive marketing campaigns.

The advantages of a Rewards Program are 2-fold: i) shows customer appreciation and ii) serves as a powerful marketing tool. The best marketing channel is through existing customers. If they are happy, they will spread the word to friends and family. Nothing can be more rewarding than that, no pun intended.

Rewards programs need not just be free item giveaways. Based on the number of points earned, they could also be discounts on the next order, offers for certain order values (like $5 Off order of $25 or more), or any other incentive that would be enticing to customers. What makes them attractive is that the business gets to choose what program they want to offer to their patrons. They dictate what it should be and it is their way of engaging with their most loyal guests.

BistroUX brings the most advanced restaurant technology to restaurants. Our Program rewards customers of not just individual restaurants but our entire BistroUX community. Customers accumulate reward points for individual restaurants as well as BistroPoints that may be used in participating restaurants in our network.