No. More. Waiting.

Stefan Sanderson

Have you ever thought how frustrated your customers are when they have to wait for their Carry Out orders?  I’m sure you know why it happens. You just hit a lunch rush and the phone rings. You answer it and immediately put the customer on hold, so you can juggle other things. You finally answer the phone and your customer is slightly irritated about being put on hold.  They finally place their order, then show up at your restaurant to find it isn’t even ready yet. So, what do they do?  They wait. Arms crossed, looking at their phone, bored and irritated.  Surely, this isn’t your fault. You are just busy. Worse yet, there are many occasions where customers place their Carry Outs in store and wait even longer. That is just the restaurant way of doing things. Waiting. Like I said, nobody in particularly to blame. It is just a part of the everyday routine.

Have your ever thought how nice it would be to eliminate that wait? How happy your customers would be?  Wouldn’t that be priceless?

No more waiting!  No. More. Waiting.

Allow your customers to place Carry Out orders online through your website. They know you, so they come to your website. All you have to do is guide them properly to order online. Less hassle for them, less hassle for you.

Wouldn’t you order from a restaurant where you can place a quick online order through your phone? So would your customers.

It is not rocket science. A small gesture like this will show your customers how much you care about their wait. Offer online ordering and see the difference.

No. More. Waiting.