Standing Out: Keeping People’s Attention in an Age of Distractions

David Melvin

First impressions are hard to break. In fact, most people only get seven seconds to make a good one. For businesses, visiting your website for the first time is critical in making a lasting impression about your product or service. If you somehow manage to hold a guest’s attention for more than seven seconds, the worry then is how to keep them engaged in your website when every 40 seconds, we are either distracted or lose focus about something we’re reading on a screen.

Developing an effective website layout for customers is critical for the user experience and can translate into leads, impressions and more visits to see your product. Below are some considerations when developing a new website for your restaurant:

1. Your Website Is Your Hub
To put it plainly, an all-inclusive website is one of the most important things to consider. These days, many third-party vendors gain new consumers, but at the expense of the business itself. Having a central place for your business to do everything for the consumers generates more loyalty to the brand, adds an element of organic growth when consumers like the products offered and can ultimately lead to an increase of loyal customers.

2. Tell A Story, AND Sell a Product
Too often, what doesn’t differentiate a company from its competitors is the way the information is presented. People like to be engaged with their senses, not always by their brains alone. By designing a sleek and aesthetically appealing website that paints a story, you can stand apart from your competition.

3. It’s all about the User
When potential customers visit a website for the first time, the content immediately presented to them can determine if they’ll stay or leave. Highlighting the most important aspects first goes a long way to make sure users are focused on what you want to offer to them, while not compromising on the visual brand connection. Making it as easy as possible to navigate for users is imperative.

4. Keep Up
Nothing stays the same. Having outdated content in your website can harm your reputation quickly when competitors are constantly updating their website with fresh content. Keeping a lookout for trends in your industry is critical if you want to be at the forefront of innovation.

Using some of these tips for your website might help you retain your customer’s attention and interest in your product or service.

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