The 2 most important reasons to offer reservations on your restaurant website


With our latest technology in reservation software, you can take your restaurant to new heights and start securing reservations online.

Without a doubt, online reservations have revolutionized many industries and conditioned customers to not only be comfortable parting with their details online, but even to expect and demand online reservations as the primary way to interact with a business.

Real-time online reservations:

  • are quick
  • provide all the needed information to make an informed decision in peace and quiet
  • provides a much better experience for a simple transaction than a phone call or an email ever will.

For us at BistroUX, there are a lot of good business reasons why online reservations for your restaurant is a great idea. But really it’s about focusing on your customer, and what they want. Here are the two most important reasons why taking online reservations is important for your restaurant business:

  1. Get more customers: You pride yourself in delivering great service in your restaurant, make sure that pride extends to your website. Make your customers’ experience effortless and enjoyable.
  2. Keep them coming back: The ease of making a reservation aside, building a guest database with email addresses helps to spread your message in the future. With a guest database you can also start recording your customers and their preferences, ensuring they get a great and personal experience every time they come in.

People consume entertainment and news online, they research and complete purchases online, and they get recommendations on restaurants from their friends online. So your best marketing is making sure happy customers tell the world about how great you are online!

If your restaurant website isn’t providing the information a guest expects and needs (like opening hours, a map, an updated menu, etc) along with a clear and simple way of making a reservation, how many guests a year do you think you may be losing to your local competition?

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