Why Online Carry Out instead of Delivery?

Stefan Sanderson

The restaurant Carry Out business is bigger and better than it ever was.  Last year, 39 percent of all restaurant transactions were Carry Out.  Delivery made up just 3 percent, 21 percent were categorized as drive-thru, while 37 percent of revenue was generated from dine in guests.  With $799 Billion in sales last year, Carry Out made up $311 billion dollars of business in the restaurant industry.

Business truly is booming and with so much money pouring out of consumers’ pockets into the registers of restaurant owners, it’s not a surprise we have seen a rise in innovation from the likes of UberEats, GrubHub, and Doordash, all trying to grab a slice of the pie while its hot.  While these companies have been successful, the question I keep hearing is “Is this sustainable?”

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