Why Consistent Data Collection Is Key for Restaurants


Taken at face value, reporting for restaurants seems more like a necessary evil than a core part of running a business. But it’s time to change the way we look at data. Reviewing it, analyzing it and forming strategies around it is of course the ultimate goal. So let’s take a few steps back all the way from the foundation of business intelligence to the collection of data itself.

3 Reasons Why Consistent Data Collection Is Important

  1. You Need To Provide A Reliable Customer Experience.

If the appeal of independent restaurants is a unique and one-of-a-kind experience that I can’t get anywhere else, the appeal of somewhere like Panera is a reliable experience that looks, sounds, smells and tastes the same whether I’m in Boston or Buffalo.

  1. You Need To Be Able To Identify Outliers.

If you’re tracking sales, reservations, and other data at every restaurant, you have something to compare each location to. Without data, you may have a “hunch” that things aren’t going swimmingly at a particular store. Alternately, you may notice one stand-out manager doing a particularly great job at motivating employees and get a sense that morale is particularly great at one location. Good people are tough to find. Consistent data collection helps identify both of these situations.

  1. Data Holds People Accountable

For most people, it’ll motivate them to take a little more pride in what they do and maybe “dot their i’s” and “cross their t’s”.

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