Why Consumers love Rewards Programs

Maxwell Miller

Rewards programs save customers money.

What’s the point?
The point is to save money through points, no pun intended. Reward Points, I mean. For most small restaurants, their loyal customers keep going back, but get nothing in return. Wouldn’t it be nice if the restaurants gave small offers or discounts that would entice customers, like you and me, to make repeat visits? We would at least feel appreciated if we got some benefit in return.

Research shows that 74% of Consumers prefer to go to stores or restaurants that offer some kind of Rewards Program.

Accumulating points for purchases over time is simply a great idea. Consumers frequently visit big nationwide chains like Subway, Speedway, Macy’s and other stores because they know that every dollar they spend will give them something back in return, however small it may be. A free coffee here, a free muffin there – savings that customers are looking for, all the time. Whether it’s a grocery store, a gas station or a restaurant, points save money. This is great for any business, especially at a local level.

Online rewards are becoming increasingly popular. Whether it’s a discount on the current order or money off of the next order, more and more retailers are offering online rewards because online processing is more efficient and less overhead, so businesses want to encourage their customers to shop their products online. Most large nationwide chain stores or restaurants currently have some form of online rewards program, but smaller ones don’t have the wherewithal to do so.

The BistroUX Difference
BistroUX brings large nationwide chain technology to small restaurants. Our goal is to make online programs available that, until now, could be afforded only by large powerhouses. By combining our Rewards and Gift Card Programs, even the smallest of restaurants can now reward their customers and afford powerful cutting-edge technology that only big corporations can support.