Why Restaurant owners should push for Gift Cards

Stefan Sanderson

Gift Card is one of the best ways to generate quick income for your business. When a customer purchases a Gift Card, you receive the money immediately, but your customer uses it over time. Here are a few ways Gift Cards can help you grow your business.

1. Gift Cards Promote Loyalty
Customers typically don’t spend the entire amount of a Gift Card all at once, they do it over a series of transactions over time. This is great for your business because it encourages repeat visits to your restaurant. Sometimes, they forget about the Card or wait months before they even use it. But, you have already collected the payment upfront, so it creates good cash flow for you. Coupled with BistroUX Rewards Program, Gift Cards offer attractive incentives for customers to keep coming back to your restaurant, which in turn promotes brand loyalty.

2. Gift Cards introduce you to new potential customers
When customers use Gift Cards, they usually bring along friends or family. This allows other people to be introduced to your restaurant and helps you get new customers over time.

3. Avoid Per Transaction Fees
Every time a customer uses a credit card, the merchant ends up paying a variety of transaction fees. From payment processing merchant fees and interchange fees to gateway fees and batch fees – the list goes on. A lot of these fees are so complex and hidden in your payment processing statements that most people don’t understand or take the time to review them carefully. BistroUX Gift Card program allows you to avoid all these fees for individual transactions. After the Gift Card is bought either through cash or credit card, there are no other per transaction fees when the card is swiped for loading or redemption.

4. Sell Them Anytime & Anywhere
BistroUX can help you sell Gift Cards online that allows customers to purchase them anytime and anywhere. We offer both plastic and digital cards that support the traditional and modern ways customers prefer to buy or redeem their Gift Cards.

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