Why restaurants should offer gift cards and merchandise online


Restaurants are known as places to go eat, but until now, the impact technology can have on a dining experience hadn’t been realized. Technology in the restaurant industry is not only impacting how customers choose where they eat, but also what to eat and how to order it.

Mobile payments
Smartphone adoption among consumers isn’t quite ubiquitous yet, but a growing majority of everyday customers now use portable devices every day. The restaurant industry is in a new situation. It is now important for restaurants to offer more flexibility in online ordering so consumers can order their food.

Quicker and easier ordering
Until the advent of the smartphone, consumers would have to call businesses and order takeout or delivery items. Consumers can now use mobile devices to search, call or place an order, all in one sitting. Companies like ours partner with local restaurants and offer an order service for them. Restaurant delivery is definitely going mobile thanks to digital technology.

E-commerce for your restaurant
Inside your restaurant, you sell dishes and drinks for people to enjoy at their table. Online, you can sell goods and services for people to enjoy even if they can’t make it in to your restaurant. In recent years, it’s become easier and more affordable for any business to take credit card payments online securely which makes e-commerce a valuable feature for your restaurant website.

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