Why Restaurants should offer Rewards to attract more customers

Stefan Sanderson

Why Should Restaurants offer Rewards?

1. Promote Loyalty
The best restaurants know that having a successful business isn’t just about offering great food! It’s also about offering great service. One of the best ways you can show your customers that you care about them and appreciate their patronage is by offering Reward programs.

Research shows 74% of customers prefer restaurants that have Reward programs. Rewarding customers based on their purchases is a great way to promote loyalty and increase customer satisfaction.

2. YOU Are in control of YOUR Rewards
BistroUX can help you stay in control of your promotions and rewards. You choose the types of rewards and discounts you want to offer, we help you set it up.

3. Rewards introduce you to new customers
Customers always prefer restaurants or stores that offer a Reward program, it is a nice way to feel appreciated. When new customers come to know of your Reward program, they are more likely to come to your restaurant than others who don’t reward their customers in some way.

4. Boost YOUR Sales
Rewards give people an incentive to keep placing orders again and again. If they know that every purchase they make will keep adding points which will give them discounts later, they will keep placing repeat orders.

5. Users can check their balances online
With BistroUX, your customers can check their Reward Point balances online from their computer or smartphones, providing a better overall customer experience.

Why Bistro Rewards?
One of the best features of BistroUX Reward Program is that it extends to other restaurants as well in the BistroUX network. Customers can redeem their Rewards at any participating restaurant, which gives them the incentive to keep buying within the BistroUX network.

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