Why Restaurants should use Digital Coupons instead of Paper Ads

Stefan Sanderson

Let’s face it. It’s 2018 and everything is becoming more and more digital. Businesses everywhere are moving all their content from print to the online world. Print Ads require significant investment without knowing if they will work or not. Big chain restaurants can afford to spend thousands of dollars on print ads, but what about the smaller ones? When used properly, Digital Ads can generate revenue many times their cost which make them much more effective and affordable.

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars per month on print media, restaurants now have the ability to publish their offers or discounts on their website. This not only reduces cost, but is a better customer engagement tool as well, since consumers prefer online transactions on their mobile devices in today’s digital world.

Most people forget to cut coupons and take them when they go out to eat, they prefer digital coupons that can be used from their mobile phones when they are ordering online or at a restaurant. By offering digital coupons, you not only reduce cost, but also provide tools and features your customers are looking for.

At BistroUX, our primary goal is to help small to medium sized restaurants with a technology platform that rivals those used by big nationwide chains. We create modern and trendy websites with online transaction capabilities that include advanced digital ad/coupon management and a range of other features. The system is extremely easy to use and very inexpensive compared to print media.

Our strategy to bring big technology to small restaurants and make them competitive in this fast growing market creates a win-win solution for everybody. We can also take care of all your other digital needs like Social Media, Email Marketing and Pay-Per-Click campaigns through one of our Digital Marketing packages.

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